Prabhat Khabar Advertisement Rate Card (2018)

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Edition Circulation Classified Text Classified Display
Bhagalpur 79,872 ( Copies) Rs. 1200 ( / 20 Words ) BOOK NOW Rs. 234 ( / sqcm ) BOOK NOW
Deoghar 41,209 ( Copies) Rs. 1200 ( / 20 Words ) BOOK NOW Rs. 234 ( / sqcm ) BOOK NOW
Dhanbad 64,362 ( Copies) Rs. 1200 ( / 20 Words ) BOOK NOW Rs. 234 ( / sqcm ) BOOK NOW
Gaya 47,480 ( Copies) Rs. 1200 ( / 20 Words ) BOOK NOW Rs. 234 ( / sqcm ) BOOK NOW
Jamshedpur 92,507 ( Copies) Rs. 1200 ( / 20 Words ) BOOK NOW Rs. 234 ( / sqcm ) BOOK NOW
Kolkata 69,268 ( Copies) Rs. 1200 ( / 20 Words ) BOOK NOW Rs. 234 ( / sqcm ) BOOK NOW
Muzaffarpur 120,293 ( Copies) Rs. 1200 ( / 20 Words ) BOOK NOW Rs. 234 ( / sqcm ) BOOK NOW
Patna 247,645 ( Copies) Rs. 1200 ( / 20 Words ) BOOK NOW Rs. 234 ( / sqcm ) BOOK NOW
Ranchi 162,091 ( Copies) Rs. 1200 ( / 20 Words ) BOOK NOW Rs. 234 ( / sqcm ) BOOK NOW

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In order to review all the newspaper rates for advertising in Ranchi in the matrimonial category, please take the help of our Newspaper Decider at: Here you can see all the newspapers along with their circulation details, rates and packages. If you’d like to directly book the matrimonial ad in Prabhat Khabar, the most widely circulated newspaper of Ranchi, then please visit the following page: For booking your ad in Hindustan, visit: In case you’d like to book your matrimonial ad in an English newspaper such as Hindustan Times, you can click on the following link: Please ensure that you book the ad at least 2-3 days prior to the intended dates. 
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Know how to view rates & packages for Prabhat Khabar Classified & Display Ads - Matrimonial, Recruitment, Obituary, etc.


1) Choose your advertisement type (either Classified display ad or classified text ad)

2) Then select Prabhat Khabar as your newspaper.

3) Finalize your Prabhat Khabar classified ad category. You can choose from Matrimony, Recruitment, Obituary advt and much more. 

Additional Information

Details of Advertisement options in Prabhat Khabar:


Classified Text: Ideal option for cost conscious advertisers. Text ads are simple run on line advertisements published in Prabhat Khabar classified pages. Your ad cost is calculated on number of words used. The base rate / minimum charge for Prabhat Khabar ad is specified for a 20 word advertisement. Should your newspaper advertisement exceed this, you will be charged as per the extra word rate. You can add enhancements to your classified ad matter with screen, tick & colour options at a marginal increase in price. This results in higher visibility and response for your classified Ad.


Classified Display: Ideal to advertise for Obituary, Recruitment, Education type customers. These ads are printed on the classified pages of Prabhat Khabar, but can also contain images, company logos, designs etc for enhanced visibility. The tariff for these advertisements is calculated on a per square cm basis.


Display: Ideal for business, notices & larger advertising spends. Prabhat Khabar Display ads are usually expensive and printed in multiple columns alongside the regular editorial content. Users can choose to place their Ad in Prabhat Khabar by specifying their page preferences of front, back or third pages. These advertisements are also charged on a per sq cm basis. Additional premium charges may be levied on page or pullout selection as specified by Prabhat Khabar Maximizer Rate Card.


Benefits of booking Prabhat Khabar classifieds instantly through releaseMyAd:


1) Instant booking of Prabhat Khabar classified ads on a wide number of categories at lowest rates. 

2) No extra costs while you book your Prabhat Khabar display or classified ad online.  The rates charged will be applicable as per the Prabhat Khabar Maximizer Rate Card. 

3) Order tracking facilities that lets you keep track of your ad status.

4) Multiple payment options that include credit cards, debit cards, net banking etc. All these payments are SSL encrypted and therefore completely secure. 


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